Passion within the Stone Walls now on Buqo!

My short story, Passion within the Stone Walls, is available exclusively on the Buqo software (iOS and Android). Buqo is free to download. If you’d like to purchase a copy of my story, boot up your tablet or smartphone and download the app today.

Passion Within The Stone Walls
Sometimes, it’s okay to be selfish…

Unless you’re Paige De Guia, whose only concern is to ensure all the bloggers under her charge enjoy themselves during their sponsored trip. Everything goes as planned, until she meets a handsome and mysterious tough guy on the way to the island of Sabtang in Batanes.

And just like that, Paige’s priorities turn upside down.

Passion Within the Stone Walls is a prelude to my upcoming romance novella series, Cageside After Midnight. The first book is still in the editing stages, but it should be out soon 🙂 If you’d like to be the first one to get a copy (and maybe even get a discount, who knows?), sign up for my mailing list!

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